PhD projects

Photo by Mahesh Joshi

Potential PhD projects

Below are some topics for PhD projects that fall within my areas of expertise. Potential research students are welcome to discuss their interest in these projects or to suggest works within similar areas. Do get in touch to disucss any idea and work on funding application to support these projects.

Video game play as a treatment method in amblyopia

Amblyopia (lazy eye) is the most common cause of visual impairment in chlidren. Patching the non-amblyopic eye has been the mainstay of amblyopia treatment. In the recent times, video game play using dichoptic setup has emerged as an alternative/adjunctive treatment method. In this project we will aim to develop and test the video gameplay designed in virtual reality environment for amblyopia treatment.

Development of higher order visual functions

Visual functions mature to adult levels at varying age and is affected by developmental disorders such as amblyopia and autism. In this project we will explore the development of higher order visual functions such as motion and shape perception in normal development and clinical conditions.

Mahesh R Joshi
Mahesh R Joshi
Lecturer in Optometry

My research interests include using psychophysical methods to investigate visual attributes such as motion and shape perception in normal and clinical populations.